Our Story

In 2020, I was in Thailand walking through the Night market. It was here, in the Chang Mai, where it all began…

The idea of creating a gorgeous collection, that was both hopeful and affordable, came to life. I want our products to positively impact people and the planet across every step of their journey. My inspiration comes from travel, well-being, nature, minimalist and current movements. We use beautiful plating, semi-precious stones and interesting metal textures to create our collections.  


Gift giving has been a passion of mine since I was little, I use to always want to create something for a friend or someone who maybe have been kind to me. Either it was buying nice bits and creating hampers, or finding a useful gift in the moment. I am not ashamed to admit it I used to try find discount codes for items and make my own hampers. In conclusion, they had all the amazing bits plus more but at fraction of the price. I love giving gifts that have meaning and multiple uses as I believe there is so much waste in the world and I wanted to gift an item that would be sustainable and beautiful.



A few months before I found the collection, I lost our unborn child I wanted to keep a memory of an unborn child we lost. To keep her legacy alive, I wanted to bring something beautiful into this world as I am sure she would have been. So, this is for all the mother’s that may have lost a child and are still battling with grieve/guilt.


Mia Handmade Collection has helped and collaborated with some small businesses around the world to help bring a aesthetic collection.